Power Amplifier Using STK3048A for driver input

STK6153 production and use STK3048A amplifier, you reported to have introduced a lot, of which there are many improving circuit, but limited to the STK6153 performance, making the sets of combination play to the top circuit performance is not necessarily the broad masses of Shao You can meet the requirements. In this paper, STK3048A for voltage amplification, Coupled with ultra-dynamic bias circuit at the end of the production of a super-A amplifier.

Power Amplifier Using STK3048A Circuit Schematic 

Power-Amplifier-use-STK3048A-for-driver-input-Circuit Diagram

Below the production elements and brief debugging. Transistor matching error should be 5 percent, the midpoint of migration can be controlled in less than 10 mV. Heat sink should try to get some large, to ensure the safety of power, the general weight of not less than 1,2 kg (two channels), if conditions allow the best and a small 12 V equipment Low Noise fans, for a mandatory cooling. Map k Ω resistance are blocked 0,5 W, Ω block resistance are 1 W, 0,22 Ω resistor is optional 5 W white ceramic resistance. Amp welding after the completion of inspection to correct power debug, W1 decided to amp static bias, the first upward resistance will be transferred to the most, then the smallest amp static bias, access to power, touch all of the phenomenon should be no fever . Potential inspection centres in 10 mV around, gradually changing the resistance W1 (down), so that only 0,22 Ω resistance on both ends voltage of 0,05 V can be, then each of the quiescent current for about 220 mA, and then resume Centre for Migration should be measured in less than 20 mV. W2 resistance decided to "super A" component current size.

For each preference may be, may generally be rotating to the center position value. 10 minutes after the re-testing of the data points can be put into trial if the same sound. As for the effect, to try Pianzhi. Local output power of 70 W +70 W.

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