1 Minute to 2 Hour Timer Using IC 4060

Free circuit dot com presents the timer circuit with IC 4060 as this circuit is simple to make the project or devices.

This timer circuit can  set time at 1 minute to 2 hours.

Frist information, Technically, the IC 4060 is a 14-stage ripple carry binary counter, the oscillator and divider of a monolithic integrated circuit, contained in a 16-pin dual-in-line housing with ceramic or plastic. A phase of the integrated oscillator is a key feature of the integrated circuit, which keeps the number of components in the integrated circuit to a minimum at the design frequency generators or oscillators. The phase of the internal oscillator operation easily through a network of resistors and a capacitor connected to the pins #8, #9 and #10.

1 Minute to 2 Hour Timer Circuit Diagram

1 Minute to 2 Hour Timer-Circuit Diagram

The timer time is determined by P1 and C1, through the following formula (seconds): t = 2.3 * (P1 + 18k) * C1 * 2 ^ 13 .

The basic structure of the IC can be understood from the following:

According to the rules of standard CMOS ICs, all entries are first captured by assigning them to specific business logic or simply a voltage (not exceeding the level of supply voltage). For integrated circuit pin # 9, 10, 11 and 12 are active inputs.  Resistance to pin No. 11 can be considered a type of terminal or the reference resistance value that ideally should be 10 times more than the resistor connected to the pin 10 (the combined value of the resistor and pot fixed series).

The capacitor connected to pin # 9 is, in general, non-polar type.

No Pin 12 is the reset input of the IC on the ground must be connected so that the IC function (swing). This entry positive stop immediately IC to oscillate and return it to its original state. Set the pen is connected to the ground of the integrated circuit for counting (oscillate) for some time (for example, 1 minute), the connecting pin to the positive terminal and to immediately stop the count reset to zero.

The rest of the pin-out, the outputs of the IC that generate oscillations specific speeds. Costs are expressed in multiples of two for the entire chain pinouts as shown in the diagram. Pin # 3 indicates the lowest frequency, the highest or pulses at time intervals while the spindle 7 with the highest frequency or pulses having the lowest time intervals.

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